Take My Hand in Spiritual Growth

February is the month of love.  Valentine’s Day is always a rush of flowers, candy and roses.  Then there are Valentine’s cards and teddy bears to exchange with those we love.  Our overarching theme of WIGS for 2019 is “Take my hand”.  WIGS is offering to “take you hand” in any way that you need or want us to do.  I propose that we join hands together fall in love with the Savior all over again.   


Have you ever been in love?  Not just a crush, but really in love.  Think about how you felt:

  • You couldn’t get enough of one another
  • You wanted to be close
  • You talked for hours
  • You wanted to know all you could about him
  • You longed for his touch

Have you ever been in love with God like that?  Have you ever longed to just spend time with Him or talk to Him?  Have you tried to know all about Him that you could or simply long for Him to touch you in a special way?  That’s what I’m talking about.  I want to fall in love with Him all over again and try to be as close to Him as I can possibly be.  Oh, I know it isn’t easy, but what love relationship is? 

One of our small groups has chosen to take each other’s hand in personal Bible study.  We are beginning in Genesis (the beginning) with creation and once a month we will get together and share our thoughts with one another.  We are committed to knowing Him more.

Phillipians 3:10 says

That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

I want to know Him, all about Him, as much as I can learn about Him because I want to be like Him.  Remember when the WWJD slogan was so popular?  What would Jesus do?  That’s what I want to know.  What would Jesus do in any circumstance so I can be like Him.  That’s what Christianity really is……CHRISTlike. 

I challenge you to make a promise in 2019 to Know Him more than you ever have before.  Take My hand in Bible Study.  We will share studies and scriptures on line that you can use to grow your knowledge of who He really is and how you can be more like Him.  Pray about knowing Him more…………. loving Him better, desiring to be with Him and close to Him.  Give a Valentine to God by submitting yourself to Him in love and deepening your relationship with Him.  

Happy Valentines Day to you, in LOVE,  Margie

About the Author Margie Winnie

Margie Winnie helps people find their happy place in their walk with God. She been in women’s ministry for over thirty years serving as a Sunday school teacher, women’s ministry leader, and has a long history of public speaking and singing. The author of "A Place Of Sweetness", she is currently writing "Mama’s Legacy". Margie is married, the mother of three children and two step-children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, as well as being "Mama" to many motherless ladies. She is the founder of WIGS (Women In God’s Service), a service ministry for Christian women.

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