Seek Him First!

Greetings again from the Deep South!  Our temperatures are finally cooling down some and we have had the rain that we so desperately needed.  It is college/high school football season here which is greatly debated.  People including me get so excited over a football game on Saturday afternoons.  We wear our shirts, colors and everything else that represents our teams proudly, even if they lose.  We are die-hard football fans in Alabama.

What does my football team have to do with my Spiritual growth you might ask?  Well, our Spiritual barometer can be measured against what is important to us.  If my favorite football team has more of my attention and allegiance than my Heavenly Father, something is gravely wrong with my Spiritual status.   If I am more anxious to talk about my football team than Jesus Christ to my friends and family, then something is gravely wrong with my Spiritual state of mind.  Can you see where I am going with this?  Nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING should be more important to us than our relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Not our families, our friends, our houses, our wealth, our education, or any other tangible thing (something that we can touch). 

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

He is a jealous God and He wants to have first place in our lives.  What does it take to give Him the first fruits of our lives?  Spiritual growth (spending time with Him, getting closer to Him). How does any relationship grow stronger?   By spending time getting to know each other. Reading your Bible and studying what you read is the best way to know God more.  Praying and listening to His voice on your life is another one.  We often pray, asking Him for things that we want, but don’t stop to listen to Him talk back to us!  We wouldn’t be friends with someone for very long if they did all the talking and never allowed us to speak.

The holidays are right around the corner, so as we approach the rest of 2019, let us all challenge ourselves to spend more time with God each day than the day before.  To desire to love Him more and learn more about Him.  He is the reason for all the celebration that is ahead of us this year.  We give thanks; for our country, our freedom. our blessings, our food, our families, our health, and so much more.  Then we follow with Christmas where we will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who made Himself lower than the angels to come to earth and sacrifice His life so that we can be in a right relationship with the Heavenly Father. 

He is so very worthy of our love, our worship, our time, and our fellowship.  He is the very reason that each of us exists today.  We owe Him everything because He gave us so much.  Praying that you will grow Spiritually each month as we approach 2019.

Love y’all, Margie


About the Author Margie Winnie

Margie Winnie helps people find their happy place in their walk with God. She been in women’s ministry for over thirty years serving as a Sunday school teacher, women’s ministry leader, and has a long history of public speaking and singing. The author of "A Place Of Sweetness", she is currently writing "Mama’s Legacy". Margie is married, the mother of three children and two step-children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, as well as being "Mama" to many motherless ladies. She is the founder of WIGS (Women In God’s Service), a service ministry for Christian women.

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