​A Place of Sweetness
Are you ready to experience the joy of blessing ladies with
a God-filled ladies retreat?  Do you want to plan an event
that may change lives, create lifelong friendships, and
help ladies grow close to the Lord?

This guide will help you to plan and lead retreats that are
​powerful, manageable, and cost effective! It is based on the
author's 30 years of retreat planning experience.

​Mama's Legacy
My name is Margaret Darlene Wilkinson (Boyd) Winnie. That’s my name or names that I have been called, but that’s not really who I am. I am writing this book to my family and friends so they and all their families that will come after them will know who I am and who I was. I am writing this book in the spring of 2019, and I am seventy-four years old but for me to tell you who I am, I will have to go way back to how and when I got here and share some life events that brought me to this place in my life.

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