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  Hello once again from sunny Alabama.  

  It is October but our temperatures are still in the eighties and above!  It should start cooling off soon though and then winter.  Time is fleeting by us, ladies and if we are going to be our best for the Lord, we need to commit to get back into the Word of God every day.  

  The best time is first thing in the morning because once the day starts and plays out, it often gets overcome by circumstances (OBC).  That’s an old acronym that I still use that came from working for the Department of Defense.  Things happen that are unexpected, and we find ourselves at the end of the day, drained and exhausted without having spent time with God.

  There are numerous Bible studies online, plus so many other resources right at your fingertips. One of my favorite things to do is take a book of the Bible and go through it chapter by chapter, verse by verse and make notes.  That has been one of the best tools for me to use in my personal Bible study.  

  The movie that just premiered, Overcomer, uses that method to teach a new believer how many good things happened to her from the book of Ephesians.  She was instructed to read that book and write down everything that she had been given along with her salvation.  It was so powerful, and it still is the same book with the same power for each of us, young or old, new Christian or seasoned. 

  It takes a commitment from us to purposefully spend time in the Word of God.  It takes discipline and a lot of self-control (pretty much the same thing) that I struggle with myself.  I want to, mean to, plan to, and need to and before I know it, my day has slipped away without me making time for Him  

  That’s one of the reasons that I am writing about this, because I know beyond a doubt that the Wicked One wants me to stay out of God’s Word and when I miss a day, He gets a victory and I disappoint my Heavenly Father.  I don’t want to do that ladies and I’m sure you don’t either.

  Will you make a commitment with me to do whatever it takes, move our schedules around, unplug from electronics, television, activities and events in order to make our time with Him a priority and not an option.  

  Our families watch us to see what our priorities are and often mirror them in their own lives.  That’s why its so important to make the things of God a high priority in our lives and before our families.  If church attendance is optional to us, then it probably won’t be a priority to them.  The same goes for our prayer life and our Bible study.  We are being watched and what we do ultimately affects those around us in ways that we don’t even see.  

  Jesus Christ made us a priority, a high priority) when He went to the cross of Calvary for our sins (yours and mine).  Can we do anything less than that for Him?

We are praying each day for all of you that share this ministry with us.  We would love to hear from you with your prayer needs, ministry needs or any other reason.  We are here to help each of you be your very best for the Master.  We will talk again soon. Until then, please know that you are loved of God and this ministry called WIGS.   Margie

About the Author Margie Winnie

Margie Winnie helps people find their happy place in their walk with God. She been in women’s ministry for over thirty years serving as a Sunday school teacher, women’s ministry leader, and has a long history of public speaking and singing. The author of "A Place Of Sweetness", she is currently writing "Mama’s Legacy". Margie is married, the mother of three children and two step-children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, as well as being "Mama" to many motherless ladies. She is the founder of WIGS (Women In God’s Service), a service ministry for Christian women.

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