Fall Leadership

  Hello everyone!  Fall is now if full swing here in Alabama.  We are still having hot days, beaches, homemade ice cream, watermelon and swimming fun.  I love it.  I have always loved spring and summer in that order, and this year fall has been just another summer!  BUT, I love God and my family more! 

  Life is all about priorities and the older I get, the more I realize that.  There are a lot of things that I can’t do anymore that I once did, and my life has taken on a reprioritization these last few years.  I must put the important things first or they will not get done.  Have you heard about the woman who began her day with a list of things to do and as she began to do them, she got distracted by another task that she wanted to do?  By the end of the day, she was exhausted and had not completed anything!  I find myself there a lot, so I  have committed to do the important things and complete them before I become distracted with minutia (unimportant stuff). 

  God gave me the gift of leadership and He probably did you or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Leadership is taking the initiative to encourage others to accomplish something.

  Examples are scout leaders, military leaders, team leaders and spiritual leaders.  If you have been given a spiritual gift of leadership, you will want to lead a group to do something;, maybe a women’s ministry,  a children’s ministry, a senior citizens ministry, a bible study ministry or any other type of ministry that you can think of.  

  WIGS is here to help you with whatever ministry you choose to serve in.  We have tools that can help you start a group, find funding for your group, grow your group or anything else that you need us to do to help with.

  Please tell us what you want to do and what you need.  We would love to be a part of your ministry and help others grow in the service and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Simply  reply to our website or our Facebook page and we will respond quickly to help you get started.

  We are hoping to have an online class soon to explain what WIGS is and what we do to help others.  That is our founding goal, to help other women become the best that they can be doing whatever God has called them to do.  There is even a book on the way to accompany the course with tips and suggestions to help more.

  We are so excited that you may become a part of this wonderful ministry and work hand in hand with us to serve God while serving others.  Together, we can accomplish so much more than any of us can by ourselves.

  Won’t you contact us and take the next step of commitment to grow your ministry into the plan that God has for you.  You never know how far God will take you until you step out in faith.

  We will be praying for you as you prepare to join us on this wonderful adventure.  

     Hugs, Margie

About the Author Margie Winnie

Margie Winnie helps people find their happy place in their walk with God. She been in women’s ministry for over thirty years serving as a Sunday school teacher, women’s ministry leader, and has a long history of public speaking and singing. The author of "A Place Of Sweetness", she is currently writing "Mama’s Legacy". Margie is married, the mother of three children and two step-children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, as well as being "Mama" to many motherless ladies. She is the founder of WIGS (Women In God’s Service), a service ministry for Christian women.

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