Continuing the Legacy of Spiritual Growth

Greetings from Alabama!  May is here and school will soon be out for the summer.  Hard to believe that 2019 is almost halfway over.  Time is marching on quickly and I pray that you are keeping up with your commitment for personal Spiritual Growth this year.  Reading the Word of God, praying, meditating, listening and actively seeking Him and ways that we can all use in our walk with Him, but this month, I would like to use another “F” word and that’s Friends


Your friends form a sphere of influence in your life. Your friends might be neighbors, coworkers, church members, civic groups or any other source that you can imagine.  Their testimony and walk with or without the Lord can influence you more than you realize.   We pay close attention to our children and the people that they spend the most time with to safeguard them from harm.  Unbelieving friends can cause you to stray away from a faithful relationship with God.  The Israelites were bad about allowing the people who lived close to them cause them to turn away from God and toward false religions and idol worship. 

Your circle of friends has a great impact on your spiritual growth, and you have an even greater impact on theirs.  Life events, illnesses, deaths, marriages, and so much more are all things that we experience as a part of our lives that can test and affect your spiritual growth.  None of us can ever go through a major life change and still be the same person that we were before it happened.   We can use those life changes to draw closer to God or to push Him away.

When outcomes that we pray for don’t happen, it is so easy to place the blame on God and get angry.  Your friends are watching to see your reaction to adversity in your life and the pattern of Spiritual growth that you choose can lead them to know more about the Lord.  Things that you say, books that you read, music that you listen to can all be part of your testimony to your friends about your walk with God.  Trust me, they are watching you and will learn from you either path you choose. 

WE often pattern ourselves after people that we know and admire.  We choose qualities that they possess and then try to mimic them.  Imitation is a high form of flattery and we should always strive to get better in our walk with God.  We really should try to mimic Him every day.  After all, that’s what we call ourselves, “Christians” meaning Christ Like. 

Especially try this month to reach out to your circle of friends on the subject of Spiritual growth.  You may be a huge help to a friend who might be struggling in their walk with the Lord.  Also, try to pay attention to the actions and characteristics of your friends to determine if they are helping you stay close to God or maybe drawing you away from Him.  It will be readily apparent once you begin to look. 

Praying for a great month of Spiritual growth for you and your friends.  As always, love y’all, Margie

About the Author Margie Winnie

Margie Winnie helps people find their happy place in their walk with God. She been in women’s ministry for over thirty years serving as a Sunday school teacher, women’s ministry leader, and has a long history of public speaking and singing. The author of "A Place Of Sweetness", she is currently writing "Mama’s Legacy". Margie is married, the mother of three children and two step-children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, as well as being "Mama" to many motherless ladies. She is the founder of WIGS (Women In God’s Service), a service ministry for Christian women.

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