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Faith, Family, and Friends

Hi once again.  I hope that you are ready for summer because it is already here!  We have had temperatures up in the ninety’s here in Alabama already and it isn’t our “hot” season yet!!

We have been talking about Faith. Family and Friends for the past three months.   Those are the first three “F” words in my Legacy.  My book, Mama’s Legacy,  has finally been published and is available on Amazon.Com.

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Continuing the Legacy of Spiritual Growth

Greetings from Alabama!  May is here and school will soon be out for the summer.  Hard to believe that 2019 is almost halfway over.  Time is marching on quickly and I pray that you are keeping up with your commitment for personal Spiritual Growth this year.  Reading the Word of God, praying, meditating, listening and actively seeking Him and ways that we can all use in our walk with Him, but this month, I would like to use another “F” word and that’s Friends

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7 More F’s for Spiritual Growth!

Happy Spring to you!  We're well into April here and with it comes blooms, life, flowers, leaves and pollen!  Praying that you have been growing in your faith since last month.  It was the first of the seven “F’s that I shared with you from my Legacy.  Take my hand is the theme for 2019 and I am offering you my hand of fellowship toward helping you grow spiritually.  The “F” topic for April is Family.  How can we connect spiritual growth within a family unit?  Use your own imagination.  You can:

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The 7 F’s for Legacy Service

Happy Easter to each of you.  He is Risen Indeed, and I am so grateful for the hope that His resurrection gives to us!  I am praying that your walk of faith has increased during the month of March and that your services have increased in size or substance.  ​

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The Seven F’s in My Legacy for Leadership

Hi everyone.  Spring has finally come to the south.  At least this week it has…the dogwoods and azaleas are out in bloom and pollen is everywhere!  Alabama gold dust!

It is my prayer that you have been following us in our monthly blogs about the 7 “F”s in my Legacy and have examined your faith last month.  During the month of April, we are reaching our hand out to you to help with leadership within your Family.  That’s right, Family is our Legacy topic for this month

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The Seven F’s in my Legacy for Spiritual Growth

Here it is March already and spring is around the corner.  We had a mild winter here in Alabama, but those of you who live in the Northern part of our country had quite a winter!  I pray that you took time in February (the month of love) to fall back in love the Savior.  I have been writing a book for my family for the past three years.  It is my Legacy to them.  I am working on the final chapter and have been praying about what I want them to know to be successful in their lives.  I have come up with seven components that I pray they will find as important as I have.  We are going to be talking a lot about them in the coming months.  They are listed in order of importance to me and are:

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Take My Hand in Service

Greetings to you once again.  I trust that you are busy in your service to others, but I would like to take a few minutes of your time to ponder WIGS overarching theme for 2019.  It is “Take my hand”.  Take my hand is Service, in Spiritual growth and in Leadership.  If I said to you” Take my hand”, would you reach out to me?  

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Take My Hand in Spiritual Growth

February is the month of love.  Valentine’s Day is always a rush of flowers, candy and roses.  Then there are Valentine’s cards and teddy bears to exchange with those we love.  Our overarching theme of WIGS for 2019 is “Take my hand”.  WIGS is offering to “take you hand” in any way that you need or want us to do.  I propose that we join hands together fall in love with the Savior all over again.   

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Are You Ready to Serve?

Are you ready to start 2019 serving others?  WIGS is all about service.  We ask each lady to perform a minimum of one service each month.  That is such a small thing to do….just one!  God has given us so much.  We are a people of great wealth even if we don’t have extra money in our bank account or even have a bank account.  He has given us:

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Prayer is…powerful

If we only knew the power that is available to us through prayer, it would stagger most of our minds.  The Scripture is full of accounts of God using human prayers to accomplish might miracles:

If our prayers aren’t answered like we wanted, then maybe we didn’t believe or maybe it just wasn’t in God’s plan.  We must believe that he is able to do anything that we ask.

James 5:16

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

There is power in the prayers of a righteous person. Pray, pray and then pray more!

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