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At Your Service!

  Hi there!  So happy that you are back with us.  We are already through summer and in fact, back-to school supplies and clothes are already being replaced with winter clothes in the stores.  I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.  ​This is a beautiful time of changing seasons, back to school, and sports (especially here in Alabama!).

  Our Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy this one and only life that He has given us but not to the exclusion of our ministry to others.  Each day presents a new opportunity to help someone.  We cannot allow ourselves to become so self-absorbed with our activities that we neglect the wants and needs of others. 

  We gave you a lot of service project ideas for summer last month, so this month, I want to try to show you something different.  I want you to exercise your imagination for a few minutes.  I want you to imagine being any or all of the list below:

  • Lost
  • Elderly
  • Hungry
  • Sick
  • Dying
  • Thirsty
  • Hopeless
  • Helpless
  • Abused
  • Neglected
  • Addicted
  • Ashamed

  Ladies, they are all around us.  You may be one of them.  Allow yourself to feel the pain and suffering that is going on everywhere in this world.  Probably in your neighborhood, your church, your city and possibly in your home.  Imagine what someone could do that would help make your situation even a small bit better.  Feel their pain, their suffering and rejection.

  Allow yourself to experience in your mind the grief, the agony of people who are all around you.  They are desperate, without any hope at all unless someone reaches out to them.  We all see the starving children from other countries on our televisions and iPhones and feel badly for them, but ladies, there are starving children right here around us who, if they didn’t get a meal at school, would have anything to eat all day! 

  We cannot forget them for the fall because some of them may not be here in the winter.

 Please, just do your part.  Do something to help someone this month of October.  I promise that you will never regret a single thing that you do to help another in need.

Love y’all, Margie

Continuing the Legacy of Service

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Easter season and are heading toward summer at warp speed.  The older that I get, the quicker time seems to pass.  We no sooner finish with Christmas and it’s Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas once again.  Have you taken time to serve this month?  You will never get it back.  Time is a commodity that we cannot store for use later.  Service is not an option for a Christian, but it is a command from out Lord. 

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The Seven F’s in my Legacy for Service

Happy Spring to you.  Hope you are more in love with Jesus Christ than you have ever been.   You will never regret time spent with Him.  Our focus for the next several months is on a list of important components that I put together for my book to my family.  They are things that I want to leave them as my legacy to encourage and guide those who are coming after me. I am only going to talk about the first item on my list this month and in the coming months, we will look at others so you will know what to expect.  They are listed in my order of importance:

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Happy 2019!

All Things New!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each of you.  As we approach 2019, we often reflect on our lives, (where we are, where we’ve been and where we wanted to be).  A lot of resolutions are made at the beginning of the New Year, but sadly often broken before the first month has passed.  Diets are one good example of New Year resolutions/promises that are often broken or end in failure. 

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Meal Ministry

​This is a delicious ministry, one of my personal favorites!

It's pretty easy (for the most part) to make a meal for someone...after all we probably are going to be cooking dinner for ourselves.

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Start a Greeting Card Ministry!

​A greeting card ministry is a fun way to make a difference in someone's life.  Cards show people that they matter, they are known, they are valuable.

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Bags Of Hope

Imagine not having toilet paper, clean water, food to eat, a place to stay. Imagine being cold and wet, helpless, and hopeless.

Please help us to help those living in this situation. Many in the homeless population are women and children.

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