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Make Things Happen

​What a wonderful idea!  But how do we make things happen, especially when we already have so many things happening.

Good news!  Making things happen doesn't have to be hard or time consuming.

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Welcome to WIGS!

Hi. This is Margie Winnie once again to talk to you about WIGS®, Women In God’s Service.  We have tried to answer your questions and explain just how WIGS works.  It is a call to action for women’s groups to join together and serve the Lord with other communities of women who are doing the same thing. There is such a force of power when we join:  kindred hearts, kindred minds and kindred fellowship together with a common goal ahead of us.

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Time Management

Hi there.  Here we are almost through June.  I don’t know about you but time is racing by at warp speed.  Seems like we just took down the Christmas decorations and we are halfway through the year.   Time…………we don’t have enough of it do we?

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