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Stop Worrying About:

​Your family's health
Your genes
School days missed due to illness
Work days missed due to illness
How to prevent cancer (or survive cancer)
Wasting time on diets (there's a new one every week!)
Wasting money on (so called) "health foods"
Ageing well, Alzheimer's, diabetes,
 heart disease and chronic illness

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​The New Science Showing You Can
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​It's true...​most diets don't build health and are wasting your time and resources,
and may be putting you and your loved ones at risk.

​The Building Better Health series will show you the scientifically proven methods to control inflammation, reduce or remove chronic illness, influence the way your genes work, and build better health. Building Better Health gives you a powerful yet simple plan, backed by science, to take back your health.

​The result:  you'll spend less time worrying about your health and medical bills, you'll gain confidence that your children won't develop chronic illnesses that used to only affect elderly people, you'll finally spend more time relaxing and enjoying your life.

What No One Has Told You About Why You
Aren't Getting The Gains You Want

​I know exactly how frustrating it is to be spending time, money, and effort working on improving your health without ever seeing decent results.  Experiencing the fear (and reality) that you and your loved ones may be stuck with bad (and often worsening) health.  ​Watching your children cry as you desperately look for answers.   Feeling your strength and energy fade away.

Or are you still sifting through countless "no fail" health programs, articles, commercials, and advice (often contradictory and even dangerous) from every direction?  Are you listening to people who seem to have won the genetic lottery?  You know, the people who work no harder than you, but look like the have it all together?

You can do the exact same exercises as them, take the same supplements and even work harder than those guys, yet you still don't see any results - or even worse:  you feel even worse.

​And you've been doing your best to optimize your diet.  Fitness magazines, books, blogs, YouTube channels...everyone's showering you with all kinds of generic or nonsense advice but nothing seems to work.

By now, I'm sure you've figured out that a lot of those "fit" people on magazine covers just lend their names and appearances to whatever the hot new trend or supplement is - but they don't actually follow those routines or take those supplements themselves!

If you're stuck in your progress and feeling frustrated, you're not alone.  And the good news is: it's not your fault that your progress has been lackluster.

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Here's What Build Better Health
Participants Are Saying:

Every since I was a child, I have been strongly antibiotic-resistant. Build Better Health has taught me how to fight the chronic infections naturally. It is such a relief not to have to return to a doctor two or three times for antibiotics.


For years I was chronically ill and had no clue about why I felt the way I did. I thought I just "deserved it" because I was overweight. (I went from almost 400 lbs to currently 254 and dropping) My quality of life has improved immensely. 


My pocketbook - life is SO MUCH BETTER when you can spend your money on things that you enjoy and things that your family needs rather than on more and more medicine.


​I didn't think that it was possible to improve my arthritis.  I was surprised and happy when I was able to reduce my medication, and thrilled that my arthritis pain was reduced !


​How Building Better Health Cuts Through Mystery 
and Gets Results

​Follow the Building Better Health courses and you'll quickly discover that it involves fewer rules, special ingredients, exercises, and supplements.

Where other programs are all about the latest hot trends in fitness, Building Better Health is based in science and backed with actual studies.  Other programs try to appear more "valuable" by adding tons of rules, steps, and expensive ingredients that doesn't really help you change your health.

And that's exactly where things go wrong: you end up doing two things that actually work and 10 things that were added as padding, to make the program look more professional.

​You've got your YouTube fitness guru who has to post a new video every day to keep the ad revenue coming in.  Of course they're going to talk about dozens of exercises, complicated theory,  health tricks, mixing and matching supplements...you name it.  They're desperate to keep the content coming.​​​

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"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."  

                               I Peter 5:7 –

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