At Your Service!

  Hi there!  So happy that you are back with us.  We are already through summer and in fact, back-to school supplies and clothes are already being replaced with winter clothes in the stores.  I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.  ​This is a beautiful time of changing seasons, back to school, and sports (especially here in Alabama!).

  Our Heavenly Father wants us to enjoy this one and only life that He has given us but not to the exclusion of our ministry to others.  Each day presents a new opportunity to help someone.  We cannot allow ourselves to become so self-absorbed with our activities that we neglect the wants and needs of others. 

  We gave you a lot of service project ideas for summer last month, so this month, I want to try to show you something different.  I want you to exercise your imagination for a few minutes.  I want you to imagine being any or all of the list below:

  • Lost
  • Elderly
  • Hungry
  • Sick
  • Dying
  • Thirsty
  • Hopeless
  • Helpless
  • Abused
  • Neglected
  • Addicted
  • Ashamed

  Ladies, they are all around us.  You may be one of them.  Allow yourself to feel the pain and suffering that is going on everywhere in this world.  Probably in your neighborhood, your church, your city and possibly in your home.  Imagine what someone could do that would help make your situation even a small bit better.  Feel their pain, their suffering and rejection.

  Allow yourself to experience in your mind the grief, the agony of people who are all around you.  They are desperate, without any hope at all unless someone reaches out to them.  We all see the starving children from other countries on our televisions and iPhones and feel badly for them, but ladies, there are starving children right here around us who, if they didn’t get a meal at school, would have anything to eat all day! 

  We cannot forget them for the fall because some of them may not be here in the winter.

 Please, just do your part.  Do something to help someone this month of October.  I promise that you will never regret a single thing that you do to help another in need.

Love y’all, Margie

Faith, Family, and Friends

Hi once again.  I hope that you are ready for summer because it is already here!  We have had temperatures up in the ninety’s here in Alabama already and it isn’t our “hot” season yet!!

We have been talking about Faith. Family and Friends for the past three months.   Those are the first three “F” words in my Legacy.  My book, Mama’s Legacy,  has finally been published and is available on Amazon.Com.

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Leadership, June 2019

Hello everyone!  Summer has come to Alabama and it’s only June!  We have been sweltering already and the hot part is yet to come!

We have been talking about the Seven “F” words to my Legacy for the past three months.  We looked at Faith, Family and Friends.  Now “Mama’s Legacy”  has been published and you can read about the other four “F” words  (Fitness, Finances, Fun, and Future) in the book because we are changing topics this month.

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Continuing the Legacy of Spiritual Growth

Greetings from Alabama!  May is here and school will soon be out for the summer.  Hard to believe that 2019 is almost halfway over.  Time is marching on quickly and I pray that you are keeping up with your commitment for personal Spiritual Growth this year.  Reading the Word of God, praying, meditating, listening and actively seeking Him and ways that we can all use in our walk with Him, but this month, I would like to use another “F” word and that’s Friends

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Continuing the Legacy of Service

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Easter season and are heading toward summer at warp speed.  The older that I get, the quicker time seems to pass.  We no sooner finish with Christmas and it’s Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas once again.  Have you taken time to serve this month?  You will never get it back.  Time is a commodity that we cannot store for use later.  Service is not an option for a Christian, but it is a command from out Lord. 

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7 More F’s for Spiritual Growth!

Happy Spring to you!  We're well into April here and with it comes blooms, life, flowers, leaves and pollen!  Praying that you have been growing in your faith since last month.  It was the first of the seven “F’s that I shared with you from my Legacy.  Take my hand is the theme for 2019 and I am offering you my hand of fellowship toward helping you grow spiritually.  The “F” topic for April is Family.  How can we connect spiritual growth within a family unit?  Use your own imagination.  You can:

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The 7 F’s for Legacy Service

Happy Easter to each of you.  He is Risen Indeed, and I am so grateful for the hope that His resurrection gives to us!  I am praying that your walk of faith has increased during the month of March and that your services have increased in size or substance.  ​

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The Seven F’s in My Legacy for Leadership

Hi everyone.  Spring has finally come to the south.  At least this week it has…the dogwoods and azaleas are out in bloom and pollen is everywhere!  Alabama gold dust!

It is my prayer that you have been following us in our monthly blogs about the 7 “F”s in my Legacy and have examined your faith last month.  During the month of April, we are reaching our hand out to you to help with leadership within your Family.  That’s right, Family is our Legacy topic for this month

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The Seven F’s in my Legacy for Service

Happy Spring to you.  Hope you are more in love with Jesus Christ than you have ever been.   You will never regret time spent with Him.  Our focus for the next several months is on a list of important components that I put together for my book to my family.  They are things that I want to leave them as my legacy to encourage and guide those who are coming after me. I am only going to talk about the first item on my list this month and in the coming months, we will look at others so you will know what to expect.  They are listed in my order of importance:

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The Seven F’s in my Legacy for Leadership

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to some warm weather and also the time change!  It will be good to wake up and it be daylight. 

I pray that you have renewed your love with Jesus Christ in this month of “love”!  During March and following months, I would like to share my Seven “F”s of my Legacy that I am leaving to  my family who follow me.  I believe that they are applicable to all of us and especially to those of us in leadership positions.  I have listed them in my order of importance:

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