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A Gift for the Savior – The Real Gift

Do you know what the term” get into the short rows” means?  It came from people who toiled in gardens that knew they were almost finished working when they got into the short rows in the fields.  Well ladies, we are in the short rows to Christmas now!  Only six more days of gifts for the Savior and we will come to His birthday!

I am so excited how God is using me to bless others and Him by these wonderful gifts that He has allowed me to give to my family, friends, neighbors and strangers

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A Gift for the Savior – Fellowship

Enter your text here...Getting closer to Christmas every day!  Hope that you have been giving gifts to the Savior this month.  Hasn’t it been fun?  I am so excited to finish this project and see how God blesses.  I will never be able to give God anything compared to the free gift that He gave me.  It was free to me but cost Him everything.  His only Son gave His life for me.  It wasn’t taken from Him but He willingly gave it so I might have eternal life.  I am so grateful for that.  I count it a privilege to give back just a small token to Him for His marvelous gift to me.

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Prayer is…petition

We finally come to the most widely form of prayer that we are familiar with.  It is simply asking God to grant us our desires.  We don’t usually have a problem asking God for anything and that’s what we should do….ask Him because He is ultimately the only one who can give us what we need or want.   

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Prayer is…promise

Our prayer life is built on promises……God’s promises to us and our promises to Him.  He shows us all through His Word that He is a promise keeper.  Galatians 3:14

That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

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A Gift for a Stranger

We are now heading toward December 25th at warp speed.  I hope that you have been busy giving gifts to the Savior already.  I am into planning the week from December 6th to December 12th.  We don’t have much time left but there are still so many gifts that we can give Him.

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Prayer is…peace

When our prayer life is good with God, we have a peace that passes all understanding.  That’s not to say that everything is wonderful, but there is a sweet peace that comes over us that only can come from God regardless of our circumstances.

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Another Gift for the Savior

Glad to see you back.  Hoping that you have been busy making a list of gifts for the Savior this month.  If you read last week’s blog, you have a good idea of what we plan to do this month for the Lord.  We are going to put Him at the top of our gift list and give Him a gift each day of December. 

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A Gift for the Savior

Praying that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family.  Hope the preparation helped make it a better one and if it did, please share with us so others can benefit.

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Prayer is…a priority

What priority is your prayer life in your average day?  Give yourself an honest answer if the highest priority was 1 and the lowest was 10.  Did you give yourself a number?  Good, we are ready to start. 

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Traditional Thanksgiving


The big day is almost here!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I am ready.  I love my family to join with me and laugh, eat, fellowship, eat, play games, eat, watch football, eat, shop and eat some more!  this is such a wonderful time of the year to gather and ponder all the blessings that have been ours over the past three hundred, sixty-five days and before.   WIGS has a special focus on building a lasting legacy and Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that lends itself to making memories, establish legacies to leave to those that come behind us. 

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