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Help for Busy Women

Time…………we don’t have enough of it do we?

So many books are published annually about time management and efficient use of it, how to work around it, how to use it wisely that we are inundated with the whole concept of time.

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Steps to a Fulfilling Walk with God

WHO ARE YOU?  This is a question that needs an answer when we look at building a fulfilling walk with God in one month. 

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I wish I had Time for Ministry

​  Ephesians 5:16 tells us to redeem our time.  To make it count….all of it.

Not enough time is one of the biggest reasons to not step out and work in a ministry.  I am too busy to (fill in the blank).

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Are you spiritually empty?

Calling all Vessels

Are you fulfilled or is your vessel partially empty?  Are you spiritually, emotionally and physically full or on the empty side?  Are you looking for something to help fill empty spaces in your life?  If you are looking, then this might be your life-changing day!

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Meal Ministry

​This is a delicious ministry, one of my personal favorites!

It's pretty easy (for the most part) to make a meal for someone...after all we probably are going to be cooking dinner for ourselves.

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Start a Greeting Card Ministry!

​A greeting card ministry is a fun way to make a difference in someone's life.  Cards show people that they matter, they are known, they are valuable.

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Bags Of Hope

Imagine not having toilet paper, clean water, food to eat, a place to stay. Imagine being cold and wet, helpless, and hopeless.

Please help us to help those living in this situation. Many in the homeless population are women and children.

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Make Things Happen

​What a wonderful idea!  But how do we make things happen, especially when we already have so many things happening.

Good news!  Making things happen doesn't have to be hard or time consuming.

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Our Christian Legacy

​Once you are sure that you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ, the next step that you need to take is ​to look at our target.

Who is your legacy going to?  Whose life do you want to impact? 

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What Will My Legacy Look Like?

We are trying to identify what our legacy will look like.  What does it look like now and what we want it to look like?

I guess we each need to examine ourselves, our attitudes, our temperaments, our hobbies, our traditions, our history, our habits and most importantly, our faith to see what our legacy looks like now.

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